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The Unstuck Church Report: Benchmarks & Trends in U.S. Churches


  • Average in-person attendance dropped by more than 28%.
  • Staffing levels remain high compared to attendance declines. 
  • Giving has actually increased during the pandemic.
  • One in five churches surveyed is now multisite.

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From our unique perspective serving 100s of U.S. churches each year, we see benchmarks & trends in church health.

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    Metrics on Engagement, First Time Guests + Multiplication Strategies

What strategies are churches using to reach their community? Are those strategies having an impact?

    Metrics on Staffing Budget + Boards

What are the current trends in church staffing? Are these trends healthy?

    Metrics on Groups, Membership + Volunteer Engagement

How are churches getting people connected? Is it working?

    Metrics on Giving, Cash Reserves and Debt

Are churches in a healthy financial position? How much are people giving?

    Metrics on the Church Life Cycle 

What are the current trends in church health? Are churches growing or declining?

The Unstuck Church Report_Q1 2021

Let this data create valuable benchmarks to help you take steps towards health in your ministry.