Webinar hosted by Tony Morgan, Sean Bublitz, Lance Witt and Tammy Kelley

Pastors tell us they need more leaders to help them do ministry.

But the programs they’ve tried haven’t worked. And it seems leaders don't just walk up and say, "Hey! I bet you need more leaders. I have that gift, and I'm not power-hungry. How can I serve?"

You find yourself doing all the leading, and at the same time, feeling ineffective because you know you need to be raising up more leaders to give ministry away.

Can you relate?

We’ve been there. Tony Morgan, Lance Witt, Tammy Kelley and Sean Bublitz have all worked in very large churches, where leadership development can get more and more complicated (not that it has to). Tony's literally written books and courses to help pastors figure this out.

You need practical ways to both find more leaders and to develop the ones you already have to lead at their full potential.

Spend an hour with us for a free webinar. Walk away with a clearer understanding of how to find and develop more leaders.

You'll be ready to talk with your team and make a plan to get unstuck. This time next year, you won’t find yourself saying, "We need more leaders and we don't know where to start."

 We have saved the last 15 minutes of the webinar for live Q&A—which always proves to be a fun, candid and practical part of the event.

Looking for a specific question to be answered? 

We'd love for you to go ahead and send your questions over to our team. You can email us here, and we'll gear up to answer it on the day of the webinar.  Looking forward to hearing from you!