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45 min. webinar + 15 min. live Q&A

Webinar hosted by Tony Morgan, Joe Sangl and Marty Schmidt


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What You'll Learn in This Webinar

Many churches seek God for vision, diligently plan to take action, and then hit a wall.

But why?

We commonly see that money is an aspect of vision pastors tend to sidestep. In this free webinar, we are starting a conversation about the most common reasons we see church vision stall when it comes to funding. 

Even an inspiring vision can stall out when funding falls short. We will help you recognize and diagnose issues like:

    • The Un-Fundable Vision

    • Fundraising vs. Building a Generous Culture

    • The Campaign Trap

    • Not Knowing What You Don’t Know (and Proceeding Anyway) 

Join us for a frank conversation and practical next steps to help you ensure your church’s vision doesn’t go underfunded.